Playdough Turkeys Fun Thanksgiving Activity for the Kids

We love to get out playdough and create something fun at my house.  I think playdough is fun both for the kids and I.   With Thanksgiving coming up I wanted to make something with our gingerbread playdough we had just made a month ago. The idea of making little turkeys came to mind.  So I set out to raid the craft closet for supplies to make this happen.  Today I share how we made our Playdough Turkeys and share an easy no cook gingerbread playdough recipe!
playdough turkeys and no cook playdough recipe

Playdough Turkeys Fun Thanksgiving Activity for the Kids

no cook playdough
Supplies/What we used: 
Playdough (you can use homemade or store bought)
pipe cleaners
googly eyes
No Cook Gingerbread Playdough Recipe:
  • flour
  • salt
  • oil- I used olive oil
  • water
  • brown gel food coloring
  • ginger and cinnamon bark essential oils

How to make gingerbread playdough:

Get all your ingredients out to start and a mixing bowl.  Pour 2 cups of flour in the bowl.  Next add 1 cup of salt.  I used olive oil and added 1 tsp.  Add 1 cup of water with brown food coloring added to the water.  Last add a few drops of ginger and cinnamon bark essential oils. Now mix well with your hands.

 how to make playdough turkeys
What we did:  
I cut out yellow, orange, and red pipe cleaners for legs and beak.  I took the craft feathers we had and cut some of them in half.  I took the gingerbread playdough and made two balls out of it, one smaller than the other.  I stacked them on top of each other.   Then I let my oldest make his own turkey using what I set out for him.  My youngest and I made one turkey together and then I let him have his own fun with the playdough.  We all had fun playing this day with the playdough and it smelled great too. 
Playdough Turkeys Fun Thanksgiving Activity for the kids by FSPDT

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Playdough Turkeys Fun Thanksgiving Activity for the kids by FSPDT
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