Polar Bear Handprint Art ~ P is for Polar Bear

My kids had a 3 week Christmas break!  Since I stay home with them I had to start brainstorming what we would do to stay busy.  Of course we had a lot of fun with Christmas traditions to start, but after Christmas was over we still had days to fill up before they went back to school.  I decided to set out to do several winter themed crafts and activities with them before they went back.  The classic handprint and footprint art was at the top of my list.  The polar bear handprint art was a simple, yet cute project to try with the kids. I also enjoy adding in learning letters with our crafts.  The polar bear craft was a great way to go over the letter P since it is for polar bear.  Having fun and learning along the way is something we enjoy at my house.
                    Polar Bear Handprint Art ~ P is for Polar Bear

Polar Bear Handprint Art ~ P is for Polar Bear

I had planned to do the classic handprint art project with the kids. However, we ended up with one classic and one of our own twist.  Little brother’s was almost a project fail, but I was able to salvage it and still turn it into a polar bear print craft for him in the end.
Polar Bear Handprint Art ~ P is for Polar Bear
Big brothers handprint polar bear

What we used:

white finger paint

blue construction paper


cotton swabs or q-tips

Polar Bear Handprint Art ~ P is for Polar Bear
little brother polar bear

What we did:

One afternoon I sat out white paint and blue paper.  I told the kids we were going to make polar bear handprints.  My toddler came running with his hand out.  He gets so excited about having his handprint made.  It made me giggle a little at him running through the house with his hand out.  These little moments I hold dear.  I took turns with him and big brother painting their hands and making prints.  When I made my toddler’s print he got really into it and started smearing his hand around before I lifted it up.  So we ended up with a smudgy handprint.  At the time I was not  sure what to do.  Make another one or just wait until it dried to see what we could do with the print?  I ended up waiting to see what would happen.  We left the prints to dry and I got out the color wonder markers and paper for them to sit down for some mess free coloring.  I love getting out the color wonder when I can not be right over them to make sure they do not paint the house.  Anyone else have adventurous kids when it come to arts and craft supplies?  I recently caught my toddler under the kid table with the colored pencils. Oh yeah, thats my son.  

Once the prints were dry, I went back with the  q-tips and added 2 dots for ears and one for the tail on my oldest son’s print.  For my toddler I had to think of what to do.  I ended up adding 2 dots as ears and left it.  I let them dry a little more.  Later, I came back with the sharpies and turned these prints into polar bears. For my oldest son’s I added the 2 black dots for eyes and traced it with a grey sharpie.  I also added little lines on the tips of what would be the feet.  For my toddlers print I added two black dots for eyes and an upside down heart for a nose and drew a little mouth.  Yay, project saved!  Now we had two simple, yet cute polar bear handprints.  Once the project was complete, we went over the letter p is for polar bear and I printed a few worksheets out from the links below for the kids to color on. 

As always, we hope you may have some fun with this too. 

P is for polar bear worksheets found at links below:

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