Pom Pom Pine Cone Art

Can you believe I have had these pine cones for a few years now!  Big brother and I made them about 3+yrs ago.  I pack them up each year with our winter stuff and get them back out the following year.  They have been a standing winter decoration.  They are easy to make and just look so pretty.  Simple and plain is what I like.  This is also a great way for kids to work on fine motor skills. Pom Pom Pine Cone Art is fun for multiple ages and seem to last a LONG time.  I think next year we might have to finally make some new ones.  Perfect timing for little brother and baby brother to join in this time.


Pom pom pine cone art





Pom Pom Pine Cone Art


pom pom pine cone art


What we used/Supplies:


pom poms


pine cones




pine cone fine motor skills

Little brother 3yr got to make one this year. We had extra pine cones left from our nature walk.



What to do:


To start big brother and I took a nice nature walk in our neighborhood.  On our nature walk we went on a pine cone hunt.  We looked at sticks, rocks, leaves… until we found a few pine cones.  We came back home with a collection of items.  Among them were the pine cones we used for our pom pom pine cone art.


I love that this simple art project gave us the time to spend one on one and in nature exploring.  We had a lot of fun on our walk.  He even found some neat stuff.  


With a 2 ingredient art project there is not much to say.  Collect the pine cones first.  Next set out pom poms for the kids to add to the pine cones.  While the kids pick up the pom poms and press them into the open spaces of the pine cone they are working on those little hand muscles.  They think they are just having fun but they are working on important muscles for writing in the future. 




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