Pool Noodle Blocks

We cut up a bunch of pool noodles in 2013.  We have been putting them to use in a lot of fun ways since.  You can see a lot of fun ideas here in Creative Pool Noodle Ideas for the kids.  The one fun idea I have yet to share is that just the cut up pool noodles by themselves are so much fun.  You can play with them alone as Pool Noodle Blocks.   Two years later and we still have them and are building with them during playtime.   Cheap and easy to make and great for multiple ages.  They also keep well in a rubbermaid bin.  
Pool Noodle Blocks

 Pool Noodle Blocks

Home to make pool noodle blocks
What we used/ supplies:
I started out with three pool noodles from the dollar tree
a clear bin for storage
a knife for parents to use
pool noodle blocks for kids
How to make:
Take the pool noodles and place on a hard surface.  Make sure it is a surface safe to cut on.  I used a steak knife and cut the pool noodle into sections.  Take these small sections and use them as blocks.  Give the pool noodle blocks to the kids to build with now. Easy peasy and cheap! Two of my favorite words.
pool noodle blocks
My kids are now 2yr, 3.5yr, and 6yr and all 3 of them enjoy these soft blocks. One of their favorite things to do is stack the blocks and then let baby brother “bulldoze” them down.  I love when they can all find a way to play and have fun together.  Playing with the pool noodle blocks are just one of those ways. 
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