Pool Noodle Confetti Popper

We are still obsessed with our pool noodle pom pom shooters.  We get them out on days mommy needs a minute to get stuff done or we can not get outside…  The older boys 6yr and 3.5yr are really good with them.  Baby brother is 2yr and we are still trying to show him how to pull the balloon back.  He often just runs around with a shooter in his hands and is happy.  I have been wanting to make confetti poppers with the kids since the end of December.  I had hoped to make some for our “noon” years day party but we ran out of time.  I still had it on my want to try list.  What better than to take our beloved pool noodles and make pool noodle confetti poppers!  With Valentine’s Day around the corner we went with a heart theme.  The kids loved these just as much.  I did too as long as we were outside, lol. I did not want to sweep up confetti.  The pom poms are easy to pick up and can be used in the confetti’s place when not in the mood to sweep.


pool noodle confetti popper





Pool Noodle Confetti Popper



how to make a pool noodle confetti popper


What we used/ supplies:

 pool noodles from our stash of cut up pool noodles- I just grabbed the red ones out for this.


heart duct tape I found at dollar tree


pom poms we already had- some we bought; some craftprojectideas.com sent us for free(thanks)


confetti I found when I went to pick up red balloons- the large balloons work best for this.


confetti popper


How to make/ what I did:

The second picture up the screen shows you exactly how to make one of these and what I did.  But I will write it out to make this posts at least 300 words (that is a must I read?) lol.  Ok, so I took the pool noodle, cut it up and then took a balloon and cut the top off.  I knotted the end and then pulled the open top end over the pool noodle.  Now take your duct tape and wrap around the balloon and pool noodle to hold in place.  That is it!!  Now your pool noodle confetti popper is ready for action.


confetti popper for kids


My 3.5yr was having lots of fun shooting the confetti at me as I was attempting to get a picture of it flying out.  Between me closing my eyes and him going so fast a good action shoot was never captured.  But we had a lot of good laughs while I tried to get that one picture.   I brought a white piece of cardboard out to try and help show the confetti as it flew out on to the ground.  It was hard to see against the deck on camera.  We also found that putting one pom pom in the popper first and then adding the confetti worked the best.  The confetti shoots out and then the pom pom may or may not come out until you pull the balloon back again.  Alright, way over 300 words now so I think I am through.  Have fun playing!

confetti popper for kids

After a LOT of play, or months of sitting in a bowl, you might have to replace the balloon and tape.  No biggie!  Just grab some leftover tape and balloons and fix them right up.  Nothing lasts forever in a house of 3 boys. 



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