Pool Noodle Water Bin

Pool noodles, this weeks theme in our Play The Summer Away: Water Bin Play For Kids Series with Sugar Aunts. We have been bringing you a new water bin idea each Monday for the month of July.  If you have missed our past ones be sure to stop by the home page here to see all of the ideas in one spot.
We made pool noodle blocks a month ago and decided to use them in a water bin. It is so easy to make. Just take cheap dollar store pool noodles and cut them up with a knife.  This is for parents to do. Now you have a new toy for you and the kids to play with.

 pool noodle water bin for kids

Pool Noodle Water Bin



 What we used:
Our pool noodle blocks
pom poms
empty containers
kool aid packet
Popsicle sticks
little measuring cups
pool noodle and pom pom water bin

What we did:

I placed the pool noodles with pom poms in them in a water bin( an under the bed storage container).  I added empty containers and little measuring cups.  I filled up a bucket with water and brought it outside.  I added the kool aid to the bucket and then added it to the water bin.  I set up this invitation to play next to our water wall.  Just a little extra fun to be had.

kool aid water bin

My toddler was right under me through most of the set up.  It took me about 5 minutes to get this together.  Once everything was ready my preschooler was ready to come out and play.  We took advantage of baby brother taking a nap to play outside.  We have had lots of rain on and off for a few weeks now,  so it was nice to get outside.
water play activity idea for kids

They scooped and poured the water, which is great for gross motor skills and hand eye coordination.  We went over colors (as always) of what we had in our bin.  We talked about the shape of the pool noodle, circle.  They did a little problem solving on how to get the water over to the water wall and how to get the lid off the containers.  Taking the lids on and off was also good for their little hand muscles.  We did a little observing of what sank and what floated in the water bin.  This is a favorite of ours right now.  We got to explore our senses through sight, sound, smell, and touch.  I guess they could have tasted the kool aid water but…  We are always working on teamwork and sharing over here, so having one water bin to play in worked on those areas for us.  Lots of learning going on and to them it was all play!

pool noodle water play for kids
We had a good time in our pool noodle water bin and I can’t wait to stop over to Sugar Aunts To see what fun they had.  Come on over with me to see what they did in this week’s Pool Noodle Water Bin HERE.  Be sure to check back next week to see our last themed water bin with Sugar Aunts.  But don’t worry, the kids and I love water play over here so there will be more to come.
pool noodle water bin
We have a Water Bin and Water Table pin board set up just for you to help you find fun ideas from around the web and to help you keep up with the Water Bin Series.  We still have 3 weeks to go!



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