Popsicle Stick Flower Craft

I love flower crafts that the kids can give me to set on my desk.  These are often better than real flowers for 2 reasons: they helped make them and they last longer.  This flower craft would be a great mother’s day gift idea or maybe for teachers as well.  I just loved how they turned out.  The bright colors just pop and I love looking at them while I work in my office.


Popsicle Stick Flower Craft




 Popsicle Stick Flower Craft



What we used/ supplies:


colorful foam flower stickers- thanks or the free box of goodies craftprojectideas.com


green Popsicle sticks from dollar store


baby food jar


pink ribbon




How to make/ what we did:


This is a 2 supply project really, the craft sticks and foam stickers give you the cute flowers.  The kids stuck the flower to the top of the green sticks.  Once the  flowers were ready I needed something to put them in.



I got lucky and found an old washed out and ready to be used baby food jar in the kitchen.  Have I mentioned I like to keep recyclable material for days like this.  This glass jar saved the day!  I went and looked through my ribbon box and found this bright pink ribbon.  I tied it around the jar and added the flowers to it.  Now it was perfect.  Beautiful bright flowers in a cute jar ready to sit on my desk.  My oldest even had to hand them to me as a gift, lol.  Sweet boy.



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