Potato Print Fish Craft

My oldest son loves watching the television show Tanked.  It is a show about designing custom fish tanks.  One reason he loves it is looking at all of the different sea life they put in the tanks.  Most common of course are fish.  One day I got to thinking it would be fun to do a fish craft with all 3 of my kids since they all like fish.  The Potato Print Fish Craft idea came to mind.  We love potato print crafts  which you can see here: Scarecrow Potato Print CraftPotato Print Owl CraftPotato Print Spider CraftPotato Print Witch Craft, and Potato Print Polar Bears. So today we are adding a new potato print craft to the collection.  We had fun crafting and look forward to more projects soon.

Potato Print Fish Craft

Potato Print Fish Craft

supplies for potato print fish


Supplies/what we used:




white cardstock paper


finger paints in different colors


paper plate


paint brush


sharpie markers




potato print fish craft


How to make a Potato Print Fish Craft with the kids:


First I got out all the supplies we needed for the project.  Next the kids used blue watercolors to paint the water on the cardstock paper.  I loved how the watercolors gave the craft a watery feel.  We left the paintings to dry.


Potato Print Fish Craft


Once the watercolors dried I cut a potato in half.  I let the kids pick their paint color for their fish.  I put the paint color on a paper plate and then they dipped the potato in it.  They pressed the potato down on the paper.  We used a paint brush to add a triangular tail on the fish.  Some also added fins with the paint brush.  We left the prints to dry again.

My kids are 3yr, 5yr, and 7yr.  I helped my 3yr with his project, I helped my 5yr a little less with his, and my 7yr did his project completely on his own. I even got to do my own this time.  Sometimes when we are crafting I like to join in too.  After all I am a big kid at heart.


Can you guess which is who’s?  From top mine, my 3yr, my 5yr, and then my 7yr.


potato print fish craft for kids

Now that our prints had dried we came back to add finishing touches.  We used more paint and the sharpie markers for this. We added eyes, lips, decorations like strips and or more fins, bubbles, and sea plants.

fish print craft for kids

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