Potato Print Owl Craft

So we got pretty excited and creative with our last bag of uneaten potatoes. Here is another fun craft to make with the kids.  The potato print owl was easy to make and turned out so cute.  We look forward to sharing a few more print crafts with you soon. The kids and I need no excuses to pull out the craft supplies. And we always have fun spending time together and crafting.


potato print owl craft for kids


Potato Print Owl Craft

owl craft


Supplies/what I used:


white cardstock


brown paint






orange construction paper






googly eyes


owl craft


How to make an owl with a potato:

I added brown paint to a paper plate.  I cut one potato in half.  I sat out white cardstock paper for the kids.  They dipped the potato in the brown paint.  Next they pressed the potato against the paper.  I used their fingers to make fingerprint wings for the owls.  I helped them dip their finger in the brown paint and we pressed them down 2 times on each side for one owl and once on each side for the other owl. We left the prints to dry.


I went searching for googly eyes, and orange construction paper while the paint dried.  The kids had fun painting as they wanted while I gathered more supplies.


Once dry I came back and cut 2 small triangles out of the orange construction paper. The kids picked out googly eyes. The kids glued on the googly eyes and the beaks.  I drew the orange legs with my sharipe marker.   I also added a tree with my sharipes.


How adorable  are the owls?  Just the right kind of craft for us, easy and cute. The kids and I look forward to more days crafting.  We can not wait to pull the paper, paint, and glue out again.


owl craft for kids



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