Potato Print Polar Bears


We had so much fun with our Heart Potato Stamps last year that we wanted to try more potato print art.  After buying a LARGE bag of potatoes we were not able to eat them fast enough.  They started to sprout.  I kept a few for an art project.  Not sure where to start I wondered what we would do.  Then inspiration hit when a blogging buddy was looking for polar bear crafts and activities for a round up.  Those potatoes sure started to look like polar bears to me, lol.  This is how Potato Print Polar Bears came to be.

potato print polar bears



Potato Print Polar Bears


potato print polar bears


What we used/supplies:


white Crayola paint


blue paper






knife- this is for parents or teacher to use


black sharpie


potato art for kids


How to make Potato Print Polar Bears:


Set out the blue paper for the kids.  Pour white paint in a paper plate.  Cut a potato in half.  I did this because my kids are not ready for sharp knives just yet.   Since I had 2 kids doing this project one potato cut in half was perfect.  They both had their own potato stamp.   They dipped their potato in the white paint and pressed it down on the blue paper.  They made several prints.  We left them to dry for several hours.  Once dry, I took a black sharpie and added a mouth, eyes, and a nose. Oh, I almost forgot.  We took their pinky dipped in paint to make the ears of the polar bears.  The kids just loved creating these Potato Print Polar Bears.  This is a fun art project for multiple aged kids.  My 3yr and 6yr both took part in making potato prints. So many things to create with potato prints.  We look forward to more art projects like this.


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