Pretzel and Candy Chocolate Bark

This Pretzel and Candy Chocolate Bark is amazing!  Not only does it taste so good, it is super easy to make too. The kids love getting in the kitchen with me and making teats.  During Christmas time we have a tradition of making treats to give to our family and close friends.  When my oldest was little it was easy to get him in the kitchen to help me make cookies.  Now with 3 young kids in the kitchen all at once I like to find no bake treats to make with them when possible.  The Pretzel and Candy Chocolate Bark is a no bake recipe.  We had fun making it and the kids got really excited to gift it to loved ones.


pretzel and candy chocolate bark


Pretzel and Candy Chocolate Bark



Ingredients/ what we used:








chocolate candy coating




How to make Pretzel and Candy Chocolate Bark:


Melt the chocolate candy coating.  I love the one pictured above because it has a tray you can melt it in.  Melt this in the microwave for 1 minute to start.  Take it out and give it a stir.  If not melted try another 1 minute. Then stir again.  You do not want to heat too long.


pretzel and candy chocolate bark


Line a tray or cookie sheet with wax or parchment paper before you start.  Take the melted chocolate and pour over on the paper.  I used my spoon to smooth it over the paper.  I just made sure I was not thinning it out too much.  You want the chocolate thick enough to be able to press down the pretzels and candy.

Now that the chocolate was spread out the kids started adding the toppings.  Once the pretzels and candy was in the chocolate we all helped add sprinkles at the end.


This was so easy to make and the kids had a blast getting in the kitchen to make Christmas treats for family and friends.

Christmas chocolate bark recipe


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