Pudding in the bath tub tonight

We have done many different things at bath time.  We have lots of bath toys that are fun by themselves but we like to mix it up some times.  So tonight was a pudding night.  I have used pudding with my oldest in the tub as finger paint many times but tonight was my youngest first time with pudding in the tub!  Do I need to tell you he loved it.  He didn’t want to paint he just wanted to eat it.  Helping him get his calcium for the day.  My oldest painted the side of the tub a little and then I mashed a little on their feet.  They both thought this was weird, lol.  But my oldest said it feels cold and ooohy.  Just trying to let them experience pudding in a new way, on the feet.  My oldest and I then painted his water toys.  The youngest still eating his pudding.  Great way for him to make a mess while learning to eat with a spoon, and easy for me to clean up!  We did all this pudding fun pre-bath.  When we were through playing I rinsed out the tub and them and then add fresh water to wash them in.  All in all I would say we had a fun bath time.  What are some of your favorite things to do with your kids in the tub?

Pudding in the bath tub tonight











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