Pumpkin Pie No Cook Playdough

I love the scents of Fall.  Pumpkin is just one of many I love.  While baking one afternoon with the kids, I decided to make them their own pumpkin pie playdough to play with after the baking was over.  They continued pretend play baking with their new, no cook playdough I made them.
Pumpkin Pie No Cook Playdough

Pumpkin Pie No Cook Playdough

Pumpkin Pie Playdough- no cook

Supplies/What I used:

pumpkin puree from can




What to do:

I took about half a large can of pumpkin puree I had left over after baking and started mixing flour in with it.  I just kept adding the flour until I had “dough”.

Pumpkin Pie Playdough- no cook
I love that this playdough is only 2 ingredients, no cook, and taste safe.  Perfect for us at my house.  We hope you can have fun with this too.  
Refrigerate after using and may last a few days.

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