Pumpkin Spice Kernels for Play

We love Fall inspired sensory play over here. Even more the fall scented sensory play activities.  I love the smell of apples and pumpkin spice.  I was searching for a simple sensory play activity for the kids that had a fall theme.  I ended up with pumpkin spice kernels for playtime.  The kids loved the texture and scent of our kernels. We had a nice afternoon outside playing together.


pumpkin spice kernels for sensory play


Pumpkin Spice Kernels for Play



Supplies/what we used:


orange corn kernels (unpopped popcorn)- we followed Fun A Days direction on how to dye them.


pumpkin spice






measuring cups


empty juice bottles


little bowls




Once the orange kernels were on the tray I added a few sprinkles of pumpkin spice.  Now we had an amazing scent to take in during playtime.


I grabbed the funnels, measuring cups.. and we headed outside.



fall sensory play


This simple scooping and pouring setup gave the kids lots of practice for real world tasks.  They need to be able to scoop their food, pour a drink…


This is a great hands on way to play and learn.


This is a wonderful sensory experience with sight, touch, and smell.


This is great for fine motor skills.


This was great for problem solving.  I gave the kids the items and did not tell them how to get the kernels in the bottles or bowls.  They had to figure out what worked on their own.


And most of all it was fun!  The sensory bottles were a big bonus at the end of playtime.


I saved the leftover pumpkin spice kernels and we hope to play with them again soon.



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