Pumpkin Spice Oobleck Recipe

It is time for another sensory dough recipe for the month.  This is part of 12 Months of Sensory Dough Series. This month is all about Oobleck.  We often refer to this as goop but either way it is still FUN! With fall coming up so soon for us, Apples and Pumpkins have been on my mind a lot.  This gave me the perfect idea for our oobleck recipe.  Pumpkin Spice Oobleck is easy to make with stuff you probably have in your pantry right now.  We had a lot of messy fun this afternoon and look forward to more sensory play soon.

pumpkin spice oobleck recipe for sensory play

Pumpkin Spice Oobleck Recipe



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Supplies/what we used to make pumpkin spice oobleck:


*pumpkin spice

*red and yellow food gel- like these AmeriColor Beginner Soft Gel Paste Food Color 4 Pack Kit

*Cornstarch- similar to this Argo 100% Pure Corn Starch, 16 Oz

*Small pumpkins- like these Bulk Buy: Darice DIY Crafts Diamond Gems Acrylic Pumpkins Yellow and Orange 7 oz. (6-Pack) 1151-60






measuring cup




cinnamon sticks



How to make:


I dumped the rest of a opened box of cornstarch in a large measuring cup.  It was close to 2 cups.  I then added yellow and red food gel to make orange.  My orange food gel is out.  I also added a lot of pumpkin spice.  Next I started with 1 cups of water.  I added it to the measuring cup and mixed.  I added about another cup before I had that oobleck or goop consistency I was looking for.  You can run your hands through it but it starts to harden when it sits left alone.  CRAZY COOL sensory dough! It also smelled amazing.


sensory play


Now it was time to play.  I took one of our favorite plastic trays from IKEA and placed the measuring cup, bowls, spoons, pumpkins, and cinnamon sticks on it outside.  I had put a plastic table cloth down but honestly this was more for photos than to contain the mess.  I think this stuff is best when played with in the grass at our house.  But we have played with it on the porch a few times.  See our Sweet Potato Goop when we played on the porch.


pumpkin spice goop


The kids had “pumpkin soup” and served it up to each other.


fall sensory play


My oldest kept running it through his hands.  My second son is funny about some textures and kept playing with it but wanted to rinse his hands off.  My youngest just covered himself in it and had a great time.


pumpkin spice sensory dough


Lots of hands on playtime this afternoon with our pumpkin spice oobleck.  We filled a water bin up to rinse our hands and supplies in before we went inside.  Do caution that this stuff can get on your shoes.  And as it dries it hardens.  It can be slippery if brought in the house.  We take our shoes off before coming in and check our shoes.  If need be we wipe them down.

pumpkin spice oobleck sensory play activity idea for kids


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