Rainbow Banana Pops


We love fun snacks or special treats.  Growing up, my mom made many treats with me.  I always enjoyed getting in the kitchen with her.  Now as a mom I love getting my kids in the kitchen and making fun treats too.  We love bananas!  And we love a little treat sometimes too.  So turning bananas into Rainbow Banana Pops seemed like the right thing to do.  Making banana pops with the kids is also quick and easy.  As the mom of a 2, 3, and 6yr quick and easy is key for me.  Our Rainbow Banana Pops turned out great and we sure did enjoy them while playing on the deck.





Rainbow Banana Pops

how to make banana pops

What we used/ Ingredients:




rainbow sugar – we only had red and green sugar from the store so I just made the other colors we needed.  See how to make color sugar .


cake pop or sucker sticks


vanilla bark – I love the one with the tray you can melt it in.


wax paper


a few plates or trays




How to make/ What we did:


First melt the vanilla bark.  Now take a banana and break or cut in half.  Place one half on a plate.  Take the other half and insert the sucker stick in one end.  Dip this in the melted vanilla bark.  Now add sprinkles.  Last place on the wax paper to harden.


I made a few bananas while the boys were at school.  Since we had not made these before I wanted to make sure it worked.  And thankfully, it did.  I did learn that I could not stand the bananas up to harden because the vanilla bark kept melting down the stick.  So I had to use the wax paper.  I wanted to let them harden standing up to keep from getting the flat spot on the banana pop when hardening but they were still good either way.

making banana pops with kids

Once the boys got home from school I set all the ingredients out on the table.  Both my 3 and 6yr made their own banana pop.  I let the 2yr have one I made.


They started with inserting the cake pop stick into their banana.  I melted the vanilla bark for them and placed it on the table. They took turns covering their bananas with it.

cooking with kids

Then the fun part.  Adding colorful sprinkles.  Once the sprinkles were added, they placed them on the wax paper to harden. I gave baby brother one of the banana pops I made( I sat them in the fridge after making.  These can be placed in the freezer too.)  Now little brother and big brother joined him to eat theirs too.

making banana pops with kids


We had a lovely afternoon to go outside to eat the rainbow banana pops.  I enjoyed one too.  I can see us making many more in the future.


Rainbow Banana Pops Cooking with Kids

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