Rainbow Button Sensory Bottle

I just love rainbow themed kid activities.  The bright colors are so inviting to me and my kids.  Using rainbow themed activities with young kids is an easy way to go over colors while playing. Today I am sharing how to make a fun and easy rainbow button sensory bottle.  This sensory bottle was a fun addition to our Valentine’s Day Sensory bottle.  Now the kids have two sensory bottles to look at and take turns with.  We look forward to making more fun sensory bottles this year.




rainbow button sensory bottle

Rainbow Button Sensory Bottle


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Supplies/what we used:


*buttons – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple colored – similar to these GANSSIA 9mm (0.35″) Candy Colors Buttons Color Multi-Colored Pack of 750 With Box

*empty water bottle – like theseVoss Artesian Still Water 4x500ml Plastic Bottles

*clear hair gel

*glitter – similar to Martha Stewart Crafts Iridescent Glitter, 12-Pack





How to make a rainbow button sensory bottle:


Take the empty water bottle and let the kids fill it up with rainbow colored buttons.  This simple activity is great for fine motor skills in young kids. You can also go over the colors of the buttons while they drop them in or count them if you want.  Even though the buttons came back out before we had our finished sensory bottle this was a great way to let them play.


button sensory bottle for kids


I must admit our first attempt at this rainbow discovery bottle was disappointing to me.  Once all the buttons were in the bottle we filled with glitter, water, and glue like our Valentine’s Day sensory bottle.  But these buttons did not flow well in the water.  So I went to plan B to make this rainbow button sensory bottle work.    I emptied the bottle and we starred over.

sensory bottle for kids


I grabbed a clear bottle of hair gel out of the pantry.  Yeah, we keep hair gel, lotion, hair conditioner on hand for play, lol. The kids helped me drop a few buttons in the bottle.  Then we squeezed some hair gel in the bottle.  We repeated these 2 steps until the bottle was full. Now we had a rainbow buttons sensory bottle to really enjoy.  The buttons do not move up and down but they are still fun to look at.  It is a great color I spy bottle now for me and my youngest child.


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rainbow sensory bottle


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