Rainbow Fingerprint Birds

I finally put away our Penguin Fingerprint Family Art we made.  Now it was time to come up with something to start some spring fever over here! Except for the pollen, I can not wait for the Spring Weather over here. The Rainbow Fingerprint birds were just what we needed to help us get ready for it.  These Fingerprint Birds are a great addition to our art wall.
Rainbow Fingerprint Birds

Rainbow Fingerprint Birds

What we used:

Finger paint in rainbow colors

paper plate

white cardstock


and paper towels

Rainbow Fingerprint Birds

My 3 yr and 5 yr both made fingerprint birds with me.

Rainbow Fingerprint Birds

I love how each of them are so different even though they are so much the same.  A little personality to each work of art.

Rainbow Fingerprint Birds

With Spring time and St. Patrick’s Day coming up, it was a great time to have fun with the rainbow theme and go over our colors (even more).  Big brother does great with his colors but little brother is still figuring them all out.  And it is never to early to start exposing baby brother to them.  These rainbow projects are great for sneaking in some learning and having fun.

Rainbow Fingerprint Birds

What we did:

I squeezed just a little fingerprint on to a plate of each color.  I had paper towels out to wipe the finger off after each dip so the colors did not mix.  I got out the paper and drew a tree and branch.  I had the fingers add a red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple fingerprint to the branch.  I left them to dry.  Once dry, I came back and drew on eyes, feet, beak, and a few extras, clouds….

Rainbow Fingerprint Birds
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