Rainbow Fingerprint Flower ~ Family Art

Yes, Yes, I know I have gone rainbow crazy.  But these fun and bright colors are just what I need to start thinking spring.  They are also a fun way to go over colors with my kids.  The Rainbow Fingerprint Flower Family Art was bound to happen.  If you follow my site/blog then you know we have been on a family fingerprint artwork kick too.  Since the winter inspired fingerprint art is now put away, it was time to create some fun spring inspired art to replace them.
Rainbow Fingerprint Flower ~ Family Art

 Rainbow Fingerprint Flower ~ Family Art

Rainbow Fingerprint Flower ~ Family Art

What we used:

finger paint rainbow colors

paper plate

paper towels

white cardstock


Rainbow Fingerprint Flower ~ Family Art

What I did:

I got out the supplies listed above.  Then I had each person take a turn creating their own rainbow flower.

Since there are 5 people in my family we made 5 flowers.  We had already made Rainbow Fingerprint Birds this day and still had paint left.  I wanted to use it up and not throw it out.  I decided we should finish it off by creating a spring inspired fingerprint family artwork to hang up.

So from left to right you have daddy flower, mommy flower, big brother, little brother, and baby brother.  One big bright flower family, lol.

We now have lots of rainbow crafts hanging up in the house.  They were fun and easy to make.  Now the kids and I have a little extra color in our days while we wait for spring to arrive.

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