Rainbow Straw Scissor Skills

All 3 of my kids LOVE bendy straws.  We keep them handy.  And of course bright colored bendy straws are even better. My 3.5yr is all about using scissors right now.  It is still a bit new to him and he always wants to know what he can cut next.  One day he was asking for scissors while I opened the pantry and the large bag of rainbow straws were right in my face.  I grabbed a handful and told him to cut those.   He was super excited at the idea of cutting up straws.  I started thinking of several things we could do with those cut on straws and gave him more to cut up.  In the end we had a tray full, perfect for many other projects.  But just cutting these up was such a great scissor skills activity for him.  He was working on his tiny hand muscles (fine motor skills), hand eye coordination, color recognition…. But to him he was just having fun!




Rainbow Straw Scissor Skills

rainbow scissor skills

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What we used/ supplies:


*Kizmos 125 Count Assorted Flex Straws, Jumbo

*Westcott Soft Handle Kids Scissors with Anti-microbial Protection, Colors May Vary, 5-Inch Blunt (14596)


rainbow straws for scissor practice


What we did:


I just put straws in a tray that was on the counter and gave him his scissors.  He then cut up straws while I washed dishes….


scissor skills practice for kids


An activity that only needs 2 things: straws and scissors.  One of those super easy ideas that KIDS LOVE!  I love to say “simple is not boring”.  A simple activity often keeps my kids engaged longer than a more thought out one I setup. We look forward to sharing more ways to play with the leftover cut up straws later this week.  If I get too busy it might take me a while to download the photos and write the posts but I will eventually get to them.



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scissor skills activity idea for kids

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