Raspberries with a Twist- Snack Ideas

We love fresh fruit at my house.  I am so thankful because getting the kids to eat vegetables is another story.  At least I know we can agree on a healthy food, fruit.  But just like any food once you eat it over and over again, sometimes it can get boring.  So when my cousin mentioned adding chocolate or vanilla chips to raspberries I was ready to try it.  It sounded yummy, still healthy (not like eating a candy bar), and different for the kids and I.  I could not wait to try the raspberries with a twist snack idea with the kids.




Raspberries with a twist kids snack idea

Raspberries with a Twist- Snack Ideas

kid snack
Ingredients/what I used:
vanilla chips
raspberries and chocolate
How to make/what I did:
I washed the raspberries off and let dry a little on a paper towel.    I got a small bowl out to fill up with our new treat.  Now I took one raspberry at a time and pressed a vanilla chip in the hole.  I did this until the bowl was full and the raspberries were all used.
This is simple enough the kids can make too.  My kids love to be involved in the kitchen when they can.  Any help, big or small, is exciting to them.
Today I prepped this snack while the kids were gone.  I wanted us to have a snack ready when they got home.  And this was perfect.
kids snack
I must admit I had to taste test a few to make sure they were safe and good, lol.  And they sure were!  Just the little bit of extra sweet from the vanilla chip went great with the raspberry.
The kids gave them 2 thumbs up when they got home and asked to have the raspberries with a twist snack again real soon.
healthy raspberry snack idea
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