Red, White, and Blue Playdough Play Activity for Kids

What better way to celebrate our patriotic holiday then to play with red, white, and blue playdough.   The great thing is you don’t need a holiday to play with playdough. This simple activity is great for pretend play, color recognition, and fine motor skills. 

Red, white, and blue playdough play Activity for Kids

Red, White, and Blue Playdough Play Activity for Kids


I set my son up with spoons, little bowls, star confetti, ice cube tray, and playdough.

And off he goes playing.

I forgot I gave him candles to play with. Perfect for fine motor skills.

Cutting his playdough with his playdough knife.  Cutting is also great for fine motor skills.

Cupcake we made together.  Mommy likes playing too.

Now we have daddy playing too.  My son 3yr is making an ice cream now. Great pretend play activity. 

Daddy and him made red velvet cupcake.

His giant ice cream.


Cutting up his ice cream.

Little brother 1yr got to sit down and try playdough out too. He looked at the playdough and felt it.

Then he worked on putting a candle in the playdough.  Love that he is working his fine motor skills here.
Well, I hope those that celebrate Americas Independence Day had a great time.  And those that do not, we hope you had a great day as well.  We had a lovely family day with our boys.  And always look forward to more days to play!
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