Reptile Bath learning & fun

Bath time is a fun time for me to set up simple themes for the boys.  They love these baths and can never get enough of them.  No we do not do these every night and a lot of times we do the same ones over and over on my sons request.  This nights bath theme was Reptiles.  We have been visiting the zoo a lot this year and we had just seen the house of reptiles the week I came up with this bath.  Sometimes our baths are just fun times but most of them have some element of learning.  With this one we went over the color green, the different types of reptiles we had in the water, and I went over basic information with them ( reptiles are cold blooded animals, they lay eggs, they like land and water…). It never hurts to add a little learning to bath time. 

Here is our bath.

We also added green colored ice cubes for extra fun!

Make bath time not just a time to get clean but a time to learn too.  Hope you and your family may have some tub time fun too.

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