Robot Juice Carton Bird Feeder

We love feeding the birds.  We also love making our own bird feeders.  Since I had robots on my mind and a juice carton sitting in my keep for project pile, it just seemed right to create a  Robot Juice Carton Bird Feeder with the kids.  I set out to figure out how we could make this happen and we just love how it turned out. Now we can sit back and enjoy bird watching outside together.



Robot Juice Carton Bird Feeder

what you need to make a robot birdfeeder

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Supplies/What we used:


*juice carton

*pipe cleaners

*shape buttons Favorite Findings 3-1/2-Ounce Big Bag of Buttons, Shapes

*pouch cap from Earth’S Best Organic Fruit and Grain Puree Baby Food, Banana Raspberry Brown Rice, 4.2 Ounce (Pack of 12)

*blue paper Roselle 9×12 Vibrant Construction Paper, 50 count, Blue (CON0491250)

*tape, glue, hot glue gun




How to make a Robot Juice Carton Bird Feeder:


Glue and tape blue paper on the front of the juice carton.  The side without the spout.  Take the cap off and glue it to the other side.  We used the opening in the spout to thread our pipe cleaner to hang.  Once paper is glued and taped down add buttons and pouch cap nose.  We started with clear glue but since we did not want to wait on it to dry I grabbed the hot glue gun and went back and used it to glue them down.  Glue the juice carton cap on the top.  Take one pipe cleaner and cut in half.  Wrap it around your finger to make it swirly.  Tape one on each side of the top of juice carton.  Now cut out a mouth.  This is to be done by an adult.   Turn the carton around and cut out a large area of the back.  You want a big opening for the birds to be able to get to the food.  My mom has since instructed me to go back and add a Popsicle stick for the birds to perch on, lol.  Love my mom. Small birds will be able to climb inside the opening and get food. Once I cut the opening in the back we covered it with more blue paper.


DIY bird feeder for kids

Now that the Robot Juice Carton Bird Feeder was ready we went outside and found a tree branch to hang it on.  I used a pipe cleaner.  I made a small slit beside the cap opening and threaded the pipe cleaner through it.  I wrapped the pipe cleaner on the tree branch and we filled with birdseed.  Now we had some playing to do while we waited to see if any birds would come.  I think we made way too much noise having fun and will have to watch from the window later this week to see if we spot a few birds eating out of the robot bird feeder.


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