Sand Pies Sensory Play

My kids have really been enjoying getting back to the basics this summer.  For playtime we often get out the chalk, jump on the trampoline, go swimming, kick the ball in  the yard, or go for a walk just to name a few things we have been enjoying.  The other day, while out,  I found these real cute kitchen utensils at the dollar store and knew they would come in handy.  So one day when we were playing in the yard I grabbed the new play kitchen utensils and a few other things to set up a simple sand pie play station for them.  Sand pies might be more fun for those that do not like mud but trust me we have no problem with dirt.  You can see some fun mud play ideas from us and others in Mud Activities for Kids.  We didn’t have any dirt on hand and digging a hole in the yard was not on my list of things to do, so the small sand bin we had outside looked like the perfect dirt solution.  I am so glad it worked out how it did. The sand pies were loved by all 3 of my kids.  This new sensory activity idea has been enjoyed all week when we are outside.  Basic or simple play at my house is just what my kids seem to want this summer.

sand pies sensory play for kids


Sand Pies Sensory Play

sand play for kids

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Supplies/what we used:


play kitchen utensils like these Buzy Beez 8 Piece Pretend Play Kitchen Utensils


a mix of play bowls and old plastic bowls some like these  Ikea Kalas 301.929.60 BPA-Free Bowl, Assorted Colors, 6-Pack


container and bucket of water




optional: rocks, flowers, and sticks- my kids have been adding things to the sand pie station all week


sand pies play idea for kids


How to set up a sand pie play station:


First find an area that is good for you.  For us our tree stumps made a great location.  A small table would work too.  Set out multiple plastic bowls, play kitchen utensils, and a few measuring scoops.

sensory play


Fill a few containers, buckets, or bins with water for the kids to mix with the sand.  I brought as much water to them as I could so not to have to keep filling the one container up. Last bring a sand bin or bag of sand and sit it beside the tree stumps or table.

sensory play activity idea


NOW IT IS TIME TO START MAKING SAND PIES.  I asked my oldest when he saw the set up “what are we doing today”? He replied, “making sand pies!”.  I got so excited seeing how excited the kids were to start playing.

sand pies sensory play idea


They then filled bowls with sand and added water to start.  Then they would mix it or press it with the kitchen utensils. I sat back on the swing and let them enjoy.  This was a great play activity for them to explore the sense of touch.  The different texture of sand and water and how it felt together was fun to explore.  Scooping and pouring water is a simple gross motor activity kids love. Since we had such bright play dishes, going over colors with younger children would be fun too.  My kids had to work on taking turns and sharing while they played.  That was a great lesson in itself.  All in all we had a lot of fun with this simple sand pie sensory play activity. We are looking forward to more simple play time this summer.

sand pies sensory play activity idea for kids




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