scented flour bath paint recipe

Do your kids love to paint in the tub?  My boys love getting in the tub and painting it.  I enjoy finding new ways or cheap ways for them to do this.  We have painted the tub many times and I am sure we will paint it many more times.  Finding a few ways to mix it up when painting is always fun.  For this night we made scent bath paints.

scented flour bath paint recipe

We have made flour bath paint before and it was cheap and easy.  The great thing was I had everything I needed in the pantry.
What you need
flour, water, food coloring, and scents
What to do
Boil  a cup of water.  In a bowl pour a cup of flour.  Add the boiling water to it and mix.  Add a little cold water to the mix.  Be sure to add a little at a time so you do not thin the mix out too much.  I now take the mix and separate it into several saved yogurt cups.  In these little cups I add food coloring and the scents.  Add one color and one scent per cup.  You must let these sit for a little bit before you can use them.  The bath paint needs to cool off.  I have put ours in the fridge before to help cool them down.
Once cooled, the fun can start.  Set the scent bath paints in the tub for the kids and let them have fun painting the tub and toys.
This finger paint for the tub is great for MY toddler.  
If he puts it in his mouth I don’t have to worry.

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