Scissor Skills Activity for Kids


My 4yr and 6yr love activities that involve using scissors.  So anytime I set out the scissors they get excited.  At their ages it is a great time for them to work on their scissor skills.  Not only are they having fun but working on tiny hand muscles to improve their skills with scissors.   No matter if it is the first time for one of the kids or not they get excited to cut. Little brother loved it just as much as big brother that has done it before. This simple scissor skills activity I setup for them was a big hit at my house.


scissor skills activity idea for kids


Scissor Skills Activity for Kids

rainbow playdough

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Supplies/what we used:


Our Color Surprise Playdough


playdough scissors- Play Doh / Pretend Play – Scissors Tool – 3 Pieces Assorted Colors. **NON-TOXIC Saftety Stationery Plastic Scissors.**


Plastic tray- we got ours at IKEA



How to setup a scissor skills activity with playdough:


I took our rainbow playdough and had the kids help me roll out 6 strips of playdough.   We placed them down on our tray.  Last we finally found our playdough scissors and added those to the tray as well. You can also use safety plastic scissors like linked above.  Now we had a fun scissor skills with play activity!




This activity is so easy to get together.  We reused playdough we already had on hand.  You can use any playdough but this color surprise playdough we made smelled amazing and the colors were fabulous.  So for us it worked out to put it to use for this activity.  You can always pick up some playdough at the store and use it too.



scissor skills with playdough


Let the kids take each strip of playdough and cut it up into tiny bites.  This activity is great because you can do it over and over.  Once the playdough is cut up let the kids roll it back up and cut it again.


scissor skills with playdough for kids


Finding fun, fine motor activities  for kids before moving on to scissors skills, is a great place to start.  Fine motor activities work on those tiny hand muscles, hand eye coordination, and dexterity.  I start working on fine motor skills with my kids when they are babies.  So many fun ways to play and work on fine motor skills.  So now we continue to have fun while working on scissor skills that really continues to work on their fine motor skills too.



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