Scissor skills-Easter egg and cross

I found this while searching online for Easter crafts for us to make and thought big brother will love this.  He will get to use his new scissors.  I was so wrong!  Even though he finished the craft he had no interest in it.  He had gotten a new “digger truck” at the dollar tree  that morning and all he wanted to do was dig up the pieces of paper. 

Scissor skills-Easter egg and cross


What you need: 
Paper of different colors, glue, scissors, and template’s from the dlkt site I got this from.  They have a cross and an egg.  I put our egg up for another day.
What to do:  
Cut paper into pieces, cut out template, then glue paper pieces to the cross or egg.
This is a great craft for younger children.  It is simple and easy for them to do.  Here is big brothers pretty cross.
Big brother with his truck scooping up pieces of paper.  A new activity at our house.
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