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Halloween Playdough Recipes in 3 fun Scents

It’s no secret, if you follow my blog, that we LOVE playdough.  I love making it and setting up invitations to play for the kids.  The kids love playing with it and are always happy to sit down for PLAYDOUGH.  I must admit I

Gingerbread Playdough Recipe

YAY, for Playdough Day.  One of the best days of the year! To celebrate here is a great holiday playdough recipe that can be fun anytime of the year.   It seems to have become a yearly tradition to make a batch of Gingerbread

Red, White, and Blue Playdough Play Activity for Kids

What better way to celebrate our patriotic holiday then to play with red, white, and blue playdough.   The great thing is you don’t need a holiday to play with playdough. This simple activity is great for pretend play, color recognition, and fine motor skills. 

Edible Peanut Butter Playdough

When my oldest was about 1.5 years old I set out to make him edible playdough.  I googled how to make it and wrote down the directions. I whipped him up a batch and we had a good time playing in it.  I saved

How To Make Modeling Clay

We have tried the store bought modeling clay and had fun with it.  I thought it would be fun to make some of our own and add a winter scent to it for an upcoming activity.  I found several recipes at About. com and picked

Birthday Playdough Cakes- fine motor skills

Little brother LOVES playdough.  So, for his birthday this year, big brother wanted to make him a playdough cake. He said this as in meaning his actual birthday cake.  At first I said your so silly, he can not eat a playdough cake for his birthday.  And,

Sugar Plum No Cook Playdough

  Sugar Plum No Cook Playdough was inspired by Creative Playhouse One Minute Playdough.  I loved the idea of a no cook and quick playdough recipe.  It has taken me many months to finally get around to trying it.  It is such a fun texture and so easy to

Easy Recipe for Sensory Snow

So it’s no secret I enjoy making sensory play recipes for my kids. Sensory Dirt, Glitter Sensory Paint, Playdough, Bath Paint… They are great to use in sensory play activities for children. Sensory play is a fun way for kids to learn and play. This sensory snow recipe is quick, easy,

Carrot Cake Playdough To Go With The Run Away Bunny

We are happy to be taking part in dig into exploring underground animals hosted by J Daniel4’s Mom.  Last month we joined in with the Gardening Theme.  This month I chose to talk about rabbits with my boys as our underground animal.  We had a few rabbit

How to Make: White Glitter Playdough Recipe

I am sharing with you my favorite playdough recipe.  I make almost all my playdough this way because it  seems to be the easiest to add extra things to (food coloring, scents…)  when making and it keeps the best.   I have yet to be