Seashell Washing Station

My kids really enjoy sensory bins or water bins.  With summer upon us, I thought it was time for  a summer themed water sensory bin for the kids to play in.  Seashells and water come to mind first.  Then a fun seashell wash station came to mind next.  My kids love playing “car wash”  with buckets of soapy water already.  So changing it up and giving them soapy water and shells would be a sure hit.  So glad it turned out well and they did have a ball playing with the shells and soap.

Seashell Washing Station for Kids




Seashell Washing Station



Supplies/ what I used:


seashells- we got from dollar store


plastic bin


dish soap


blue food coloring








What to do/ how to setup:

We made soap foam for our Superhero Sensory Sink.  Check out that post for directions if you want soap foam in your bin.  If not just add soap and water to the water bin.  The foam is so much more exciting!  So to start, I made soap foam for our water bin.  Now I filled bickets with seashells for the kids.  I grabbed some washcloths and sat them out too.  So simple yet so much fun.




Now the kids came over and started playing.  All 3 of my kids had a blast.  They are 6, 4, and 2yr.  I love when I can find activities they all can enjoy together.




This activity was great for exploring senses.  It was also  fun  for imagination play.  We also worked on teamwork and sharing.



This was easy to set up and clean up. I can see us doing this a few more times before summer is over.  So glad the kids could enjoy this water sensory bin together.  Also happy it is summer and we can play outside!


Shell wash station for sensory play



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