Sensory Bins for Exploring Texture

I just love taking part in the projects Sarah comes up with from Little Bins for Little Hands.  Today I am sharing as part of the 6 Days Of Sensory Play For Kids {Blog Hop}.  I am only able to make one day of this fun 6 day blog hop. But be sure to click on the link above.  It will take you to a homepage that will keep you in the loop.

Sensory Play has just become part of our everyday play over here at my house.  My kids love it.  From simple playdough play to full on themed sensory bins!  There are so many ways to explore with our senses during playtime.  I have been wanting to put a collection together of some of our favorite sensory bins.  Sharing today on the sense of touch, sensory bins were perfect.  These bins will give you fun ideas to explore different textures with the kids.  All giving children a chance to touch and feel different sensory bin fillers. Sensory bins offer a wide variety of exploring.  Touch is a main one but the children often get to explore sounds, smells, and sometimes taste (if edible).  Of course, all sensory bins offer a great exploration of sight.  While playing in sensory bins, children also can be working on fine and/or gross motor skills, critical thinking, problem solving, sharing, learning colors, and so much more. Depending on how you set up your sensory bin determines the extra learning that will be taking place.  Sensory play is a wonderful way to explore and learn!
Hope you can be inspired by these bins below.
Sensory Bins for Exploring Texture

 Sensory Bins for Exploring Texture

My Garden ~ Bird Seed Sensory Bin

Rice Sensory Bin- child led play

Sensory Processing Play Blog Hop

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