“Sensory Sink” for toddlers{mud and bugs}

While working on my Sensory Sink Sunday series with Ann from My Nearest and Dearest, I made a few “sensory sinks” for my toddler.  Since it was not as easy for him to reach the sink as it was for his older brother he could not play as much.  I wanted him to still be able to enjoy what big brother was doing.  So I came up with a more toddler friendly sensory sink.  This way both boys could play in the same way at the same time and little brother wouldn’t be so troubled by not being able to reach all the way up in the sink.  By using a bin I was able to bring the sink to him.
"Sensory Sink" for toddlers{mud and bugs}

What I used
chocolate pudding, bucket/bin, trucks, small container  shovel  and plastic bugs.
What I did
I added the pudding to the bottom of the bin.  Then just added the toys, container, and shovel   Last, I put it in the bottom of the tub.  Now the fun could start.
"Sensory Sink" for toddlers{mud and bugs}
Little brother couldn’t wait to get in and play.  I must say big brother wanted to play too.  They both played, little brother with his bin in the tub and big brother in his mud and bug sink.
"Sensory Sink" for toddlers{mud and bugs}

This was a great sensory experience for him.  He got to explore all the senses: touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound.  We had the water running in the tub going down the drain while he played.  He added water to his bin on his own.  You know toddlers, very independent. So adding his own water was a big deal.

He had a good messy time playing in his tot friendly sensory sink.  As always we hope you and your kids can have some fun with this too.
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