Sensory Sink Sunday

I am so excited to  share with you all that I have teamed up with Ann from My Nearest and Dearest to bring you Sensory Sink Sunday.  Over the next 5 weeks we will share a new theme sensory sink with you each Sunday.  These sensory sink activities will give you ideas on how you can set up a sensory sink for your kids.  Ann and I will take the theme for the week and make it our own.  So you will be able to see mine and her take on it.  You will see how you can take what you have to set up a fun sensory sink for your kids. Here is my Beach Time Sensory Sink I did a few weeks back and here is one of Ann’s a  Lemon Sensory Sink she has done with her son. 
Sensory play is so important to children.  It lets them learn from
sight, smell, touch, sound, (possible) taste, sorting, problem solving and so much more. These are some of the best ways for kids to learn.  Sensory play is great to get those little brains working. They also get to have fun in the process.  I love to encourage learning through play with my boys. They always enjoy sensory play and they learn so much from just “playing” in their mind. They enjoy having new sensory opportunities given to them for exploration.  If my kids know I am trying to set them up with a sensory play activity I can’t get them out from under me with their anticipation for the fun they are about to have.  I hope these next 5 weeks will inspire you to try a sensory sink with your kids.  I hope your children can have just as much fun playing and learning as mine do with their sensory sinks.
Check back next Sunday to see our first sensory sink in the series.
Check back here over the next few weeks to see which sinks we have done.
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