Sensory Snow Recipe

I have been seeing a lot of snow/Christmas related posts lately.  Two have caught my eye.  One is Snow Dough from The Imagination Tree and the other is Peppermint Oatmeal from Train up a Child.  After seeing these fun sensory substances I wanted to make something for the boys(4yr & 1.5yr) to play with.  Here is what I came up with for our snow recipe.
Sensory Snow-how to make







What I used: 

2 c corn starch(in the US), 2 c flour, 1.5 c oats, 1/2-3/4 c canola oil, & 1tsp peppermint extract.  Update: I forgot to add peppermint extract to this list.  This gives it a nice scent.  With a newborn I am blaming this on lack of sleep,lol.



Sensory Snow-how to makeWhat to do: 

mix all together in a bowl.  I taped a plastic table cloth down to our deck and dumped it out for the kids.  Of course my boys wanted nothing but trucks to play with in the sensory snow. We use toys that are meant to stay dirty or can be easily washed.  Do not use good toys for this that you may not want to get dirty.  You can use what you and your kids enjoy with this sensory snow. 

My boys have been playing in this all week and just love it. It is messy!  I put them in what we call “dirt clothes” and let them play.  I then take their clothes and shoes off outside before we come in.  I wash the clothes.  Since they have been playing outside in their crocs I wash those too.  I am surprised the “snow has not blown away but the pile is getting smaller and smaller each day. This has been a big hit at my house.  We hope it will be at yours too.

Sensory Snow-how to make

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