Shark Run Game for Kids



It’s so great to be over here on Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails sharing a fun easy to set up gross motor activity that the kids love – our Shark run is one of the many activities that we are doing to help support our eldest who has a gross motor delay and lacks core strength so any games that support and encourage him to work on gross motor skills, have fun and improve his core strength are perfect for us.

When you have to do an activity my kids get bored so we try and make it as fun as possible and getting both of them to do the activity and play together is the best. Crossing the shark infested water can be done without the shark fin props and a “helpful” sister moving them around, but it does make it more fun and less of a chore for us.

Shark Run Core Strength Game for Kids

Shark Run Game for Kids


Materials needed

2 cushions
Pieces of card stock
Stones (to weight down the sharks)




Making your sharks

These were so quick and easy to make. Take a piece of card stock – along the long edge make a fold a couple of inches from the bottom all the way across


And then cut out a rough shark fin shape from the top piece of the card stock. Cut the flap half way and split to provide a stable base and then make some more.

To keep them upright in the garden with a breeze we put some stones and pebbles on the flaps.


Using the two cushions you need to move across the “water” avoiding the sharks so you can’t step off those cushions.

But here’s the tricky bit you can only face forward at ALL times and you can add an extra try to do it as quickly as possible without breaking the rules!

Start by putting the two cushions in front of each other – then on the far one stand, bend down and reach behind you whilst still facing forwards, pick up the cushion and move it to the front and put it down.


Sounds simple doesn’t it! – But it’s not. Both of my kids tried to turn around to pick up the cushion, they threw them ahead to get across to the other side faster.

Of course the helper would do things as well like move a shark into the path that her brother thought that he was going to go on to try and slow him down.



Cerys is the founder of Rainy Day Mum, a former marine biologist and teacher she’s swapped turtles and school bells to be a mum sharing creative, family friendly, fun ideas for the whole family from recipes, crafts, travel and parenting to supporting learning at home and bringing books alive. You can also find Cerys editing The Playroom on BonBon Break.

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