Shower Body Scrub

Homemade Shower Body Scrub

One of the new things I am enjoying trying out is body/hand scrubs. While searching the web this was my inspiration for the body scrub I made.  I tried it the way the site had it and was not impressed with the smell of the sesame seed oil.  

diy shower scrub

Shower Body Scrub

I then decided to make it my way 1 1/2 c Epsom salt, 1 TBL shower gel, 3 TBL avocado oil, 3 TBL lotion.  I had Japanese cherry blossom shower gel and lotion that matched from B&BW and used that.  I am sure you could try any combination to your liking.  I put all my ingredient’s in a measuring cup and stirred it up.  I poured it in an old peanut butter jar .  This one is for me so I didn’t feel like I needed pretty packaging.  Looking forward to my next shower.


This picture above is what I used.  I got my avocado oil on  You could substitute the avocado oil for olive oil if you want.
This is how the body scrub looked after being mixed up.

shower scrub


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