Sight Word Memory Game


It is time for another fun busy bag idea for the kids.  This one is all about kindergarten prep.  Getting the kids ready for kindergarten.  Introducing sight words in a fun way to the kids before they head off to school is great.  They get a chance to see what they are and might learn a few too.  I started sight words with big brother before kindergarten and he knew a few when he started.  Mostly he was familiar with the idea of sight words and knew what to expect in school.   I decided to make a Sight Word Memory Game for him to practice with.  The great things is that little brother can benefit from this too.  And baby brother just had fun grabbing the cards off the table and running off with them. The sight word game was a hit and can be reused over and over.


Busy Bag Sight Word Memory Game



Sight Word Memory Game




What we used/ supplies:


foam sheets









How to make and play:


Super Easy to make.  If you follow along on my blog you now I love easy, simple, and fun!  I cut the foam craft sheets and cut them in half.  You can get a pack of these for a $1 at the dollar store.  They come in handy for so many things. After I cut them I took the Fry list of sight words and wrote down the first 5.  I wrote them twice so they would have a match.  You can make as many cards and words as you like.  This game would be easy to add new words to as they learn.



Now it is time to play.  I laid all the cards face down on the table.  Big brother came over and started flipping over 2 cards at a time.  He would look a the word and read it.  Little brother was close by watching and listening as he said the word.  Baby brother just kept trying to get his cards.  That is what little brothers are for.  I should know I have one, lol. But you can not live without them no matter how much they bug you.  Big brother flew through this game.  Little brother took the next turn and had fun matching them up as he went.  He was looking for letters that matched.  He would ask big brother what does this say?  I love that big brother can help him and is willing to help him.


Now we have a fun sight word memory game that we can add to and use with 2 of my 3 kids.  We look forward to seeing more fun ideas below.


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