Sight Word Water Blast

Last summer I set out to introduce sight words to my 4yr old.  I wanted to make sight words fun and exciting.  We found many ways to add sight words to our everyday play.  This Sight Word Blast learning activity was just one way we did that.  This was a fun way to spend a hot afternoon.
Sight Word Water Blast

Sight Word Water Blast


What we used:

crayola window markers

water guns

What to do:

Use the window markers to write sight words on the window.  Fill the water gun up.  Call the kids out.

Call out the sight words and have the kids locate them on the window.  Then aim and shoot!

This is a great way to get the kids moving and learning all at the same time.

For little brother I set up a shape water blast activity for him.
What I used:
water guns
What I did:
I drew shapes on the deck with chalk.  Then we went over the shape and he aimed and blasted the water gun at it.  The use of the water gun helps work on his little hand muscles(fine motor skills).
This was a great way to let both kids play together at the same time on their own learning levels.  We all got to enjoy the nice afternoon outside and we hope you can too.
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