Simple and Fun Christmas Activities for Toddlers

If you are looking to have fun with those little ones in your life, here are a few simple and fun Christmas activities for Toddlers. I have found that my kids love simple.  I often say “simple is not boring”.  Sometimes the simplest of things will keep them busy the longest.  I hope you can find a few activities to try together.

 simple and fun christmas activities for toddlers



Simple and Fun Christmas Activities for Toddlers

*Christmas Sensory Bottle- Add Christmas confetti, glitter, water, and a little soap.  I sealed the top with Christmas tape.  Now the kids can shake and look at the sensory bottle on their own.  

christmas sensory bottle for kids


*Washie Tape Christmas Tree Craft-  So simple yet so much fun.  Give the kids rolls of washie tape and foam Christmas tress and let them decorate them as they want.


Washie tape christmas tree craft




*Noodle Threading with dry pasta- I died some dry pasta for the kids to thread on yarn.  They can make necklaces just to practice their fine motor skills while threading the string.


noodle threading with pasta for kids


*Reindeer Cinnamon rolls- Make the can cinnamon rolls and frost.  Then take pretzels and m&m’s and add to the top.  Now a simple and yummy treat for the kids.

reindeer cinnamon roll


For even more ideas click on the links below!!

*Jingle Bells and Jars-great for fine motor skills and fun music maker


*Hot Chocolate Snow Dough


*Cereal Christmas Tree Craft For Kids


*Fine Motor Skills Build A Snowman


*Cheerios Bird Feeder Ornaments


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