S’mores ready in Seconds- with peep marshmallows

We love s’mores at my house but we don’t have the time or place to start a fire to roast marshmallows.  So, what is the next best way to make a s’mores? You guessed it, microwave!  It is super fast and still yummy. 

S'mores ready in Seconds- with peep marshmallows

What we used and what we did:  

peep snowman marshmallows, graham crackers and mini Hershey bars.  Break the cracker in half place on a plate ( microwave safe) add Hershey bar and peep.  Put the graham cracker on top.  Now microwave for 10-15 seconds or until marshmallow is melted a little.  Let sit a couple a minutes but not too many and eat!

S'mores ready in Seconds- with peep marshmallows

These have been a big hit at my house.  And I love that both my tot and preschooler can help make them. Hope you can enjoy them too.

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