Snow Painting Sensory Bin

Well, I never thought FSPDT would be bringing you a Real Snow post.  But that is exactly what I have for you today.  We got lucky and got a little snow here in the south for a few days.  It was such a big deal at my house. We did not know what to try first.  Snow painting was the first thing that came to mind.  Off I went to set the kids up with an afternoon activity that was a real treat for us.
painting the snow

snow painting

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What we used:

Bin- Rubbermaid Commercial 3Q24 CLE Polypropylene 15 Quart Roughtote Clear Non-Latching Storage Box, Rectangular, 13.3″ Width x 16.8″ Depth x 5.3″ Height, Clear


Paper Plate

Crayola Fingerpaints Bold and Secondary Colors, 8-Count

Paint brushes- Melissa & Doug Large Paint Brush Set

snow paint set up

Set Up:

I gathered snow off the porch from the chairs and table outside.  I filled one of our plastic bins we use in sensory play.  I got a paper plate out and put a few colors of finger paints on it.  Then grabbed a few paint brushes.

kids painting the snow

What we did:

The kids could not wait to get in the snow.  It had been snowing a few hours before I brought the snow bin inside and they had yet to go out in the snow.  After watching it fall outside and not be able to touch it they could not wait to get their hands in this snow sensory bin.  

painted snow

The cold snow for touch and the bright colors of the paint are a great way to explore the senses of sight and touch.

kids painting snow

This was a great way to let them play in the snow to start.  I waited til the ground was covered to let them outside.  Then we colored the snow some more a few other ways and tried the frozen bubbles.

painted snow bin


As my tot kept saying it was a “fun snowy day”. Who knows when we will get snow again.  This is the first time in a few years.  It is always a treat for us to have some real snow play.

snow day for kids
This was a hit at my house and so grateful the kids got to play in the snow this year.

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