Snowflake Bulls Eye-winter game

Snowflake Bulls Eye- fun winter game

My boys have been having a lot of fun with the sock snowballs I made them.  They started throwing them around the house the other night and I thought to myself I needed to make them a bulls eye to throw them at.   Since it is winter here I went with a snowflake picture as their bulls eye.  That is how snowflake bulls eye-winter game was born.  This is so simple but tons of fun.  They even let me play and we all laughed and enjoyed our family time together.  This can be a great family game night idea.  You can set rules all your own for the winner.  For me and the boys if you hit the snowflake you won!  I see us playing this many more times in the future.

fun winter games for kids

All you need is paper and markers to draw snowflake bulls eyes.  To make the sock snowballs click here.  As always we hope you can have some fun with this too.

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