Snowman Bowling with sock snowballs

I have been wanting to make a themed bowling set for my boys.  With winter coming what better than snowman bowling.  I had fun making these for the kids and they have been having fun playing with them.  I had a lot of fun ideas for decorating these containers but had to keep it simple because of my tot.  My oldest could have gotten in on making these but chose to do something else at the time I made them.  Both kids have had lots of fun playing with the Snowman Bowling Set over and over.

Snowman Bowling with sock snowballs for Kids on FSPDT

Here is what I used and what I did to make them:  

Snowman Bowling with sock snowballs

Gerber puffs containers, ribbon, and sharpies for the snowmen.  White socks and cotton for the snowballs.  For the containers I just drew on them and tied the ribbon on.  For the snowball bowling balls I stuffed the end of a sock with cotton and then cut of the rest off.  I then folded down the cut end and sewed closed.  Now we are ready for snowman bowling!

Snowman Bowling with sock snowballs


I just love these snowman containers and could use them just as winter decorations.  I think we could find other ways to use them too.  How would you use them?
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