Snowman Busy Bag

I love to find fun, busy activities for the kids.  These busy bag activities come in handy when I need to cook, fold clothes, help another one with homework… With the cold weather the last few days, Winter has been on my mind.  And if you follow us along here on FSPDT then you might know I am a bit obsessed with snowmen come winter time(big smile).  So what better than to create a  Felt Snowman Busy Bag for the kids.  I got to have fun creating this for them and they get to have fun staying busy.  Win, Win!
Snowman Busy Bag

 Snowman Busy Bag

Snowman Busy Bag

What I used:

colored felt- Pick out what color felt you want.  I got white, of course, for the snowman, black for the hat, eyes, and mouth, brown for stick arms, orange for his nose, yellow, green, teal for buttons.



Snowman Busy Bag

What to do:

Cut out stick arms for the snowmen.  I have 3 boys ages 2-6yr.  I had to cut out 6 arms so they can all have a set.  Cut out an orange nose.  

Snowman Busy Bag

Cut out top hats from the black felt.  I used the extra pieces to cut out the eyes and the mouth.

Snowman Busy Bag

Then I cut out several circles to use as buttons.  To make them look a little like a button I added black dots with a sharpie.

Snowman Busy Bag
The most important part is to cut out a snowman body from the white felt.  I wanted one piece for the kids to add their pieces too.  I traced a snowmen body on the white felt and cut it out.
Now to put each felt snowman busy bag together and have handy for the kids the next time I need them.  I used large freezer bags to place the snowman felt pieces inside of to store when not in use.
Snowman Busy Bag

I set a tray out with the bag on it and let the kids have it.

Snowman Busy Bag

My kids are 2yr, 3yr, and 6yr.  They all got a snowman busy bag.  The youngest just throws things around but the older boys did create a snowman from the pieces.  Now they can do this over and over again.  We can add more felt pieces or they can mix up how they create the snowman each time. Fun and easy way to stay busy!

Snowman Busy Bag
snowman busy bag activity idea for kids

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