Snowman Family Christmas Cards

Create your own holiday cards with personalized family artwork.  While making our Footprint Snowmen we also made a Fingerprint Snowmen Family.  Each family member added their finger prints to the project to create a snowman family in the end.

Snowman Family Christmas Cards

What we used:

blue paper, white paint, and sharpies.

What we did:

Each family member made their own 2 fingerprints stacked on top of each other.  This made the snowman body.  Once dry, I came back and added the details with sharpies.  Each person got to pick which hat they wanted and colors.  Now each snowman represented the individual family member. 

How to turn it into a holiday card:

Take the completed artwork and scan into your computer.  Now go to Click on collage up top.  Then choose card layout.  Now upload the artwork image.  Once loaded, add it to the card layout.  Last, go to edit and add the message you would like your card to have on it.

Here is our final Christmas card for the year.  Now all I have to do is print them.  Or, as many of mine will probably be sent, over emails.  

Since getting a family photo is so hard for us this snowman family is the perfect way to represent my family.  Now our snowman family can send holiday wishes out from us to family and friends.

Maybe you and your family can enjoy an artwork holiday card too.

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