Soapy Potion Mixing

Simple science and sensory play are always a hit at my house.  The kids love exploring and playing.  One afternoon I set them up a simple soapy potions mixing station.  They could explore the science of color mixing while enjoying their senses.  This is also a great way to get multiaged kids to play together on an afternoon. Soapy potions color mixing was a fun way to spend our afternoon.

Soapy Potion Color Mixing sensory and science for the kids


Soapy Potion Mixing



Supplies/what we used:


science kit- beakers and test tubes


more plastic beakers




food coloring






How to set up/what I did:


I gathered a lot of our stuff from our science kits and a few empty juice bottles.  I took 3 small bottles and mixed soap, food coloring, and water.  I had red, blue, and yellow bottles at the end.  I laid out a white plastic tablecloth on the deck and sat all the supplies on top.  Now the kids were ready to play and learn.




They opened the colored bottles to start.  Pouring a little yellow and a little red.  So what did they get, orange.



Pour a little blue and a little red you get purple.




Pour a little yellow and a little blue you get green.  This was a great activity to practice pouring liquids too.   This was a  great hands on learning activity for the kids.  They got to watch the colors mix and change before their eyes.  All 3 of my kids ages 6, 4, and 2yr enjoyed this simple science and sensory play activity.  I can see us doing this again soon.


soapy water potion mixing


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