Southwestern Egg Rolls

I love easy dinner ideas!  This Southwestern Egg Roll Recipe is just that, easy.  This dinner idea came to be because I had leftover chicken from the day before and had bought egg roll wraps in hopes to make something else with them.  But it all worked out for the best.  We got to try a new dinner idea and ended up loving it.  We look forward to trying these Southwestern Egg Rolls again soon.



southwestern egg roll recipe

Southwestern Egg Rolls

egg roll

Ingredients/ what I used:


2-3 chicken breast boiled or try a rotisserie chicken from the deli


1 can corn


1 can black beans


1 pack egg roll wraps


cooking oil


egg roll recipe


How to make Southwestern Egg Rolls:

I took my boiled chicken and shredded it with my hands and added it to a mixing bowl.  Next I drained the can of corn and black beans before adding to the bowl.  I mixed up all the ingredients.


Now I got out my egg roll wraps and a small bowl of water.  I placed one egg roll wrap on the counter.  I place my egg roll wraps out so that if I am looking down they look more like a diamond than a square. Next start filling the wraps with the chicken, corn, and bean mixture.  You do not want to add too much because it makes it hard to roll the wrap. Fold the edges in over the mix and then roll from the bottom up.  When you get to the top dip your finger in the small bowl of water and dab it on the wrap to seal it when you fold it down.  Continue this until you have all the egg rolls you need ready.



Before I started this process above I got a skillet out and filled with cooking oil.  I think we had canola oil in the pantry. I let the oil heat up while I was rolling the egg rolls.  Once the egg rolls are wrapped place them in the hot oil and cook on each side until brown.


My oldest child refuses to try just about anything I cook so it was no surprise he was not going to try these but my younger children loved them  just as much as my husband and I did.  I put a bowl of spicy ranch and plain ranch out to dip them in. These  Southwestern Egg Rolls and side salads made for a delicious and easy dinner for my family.  We look forward to making them again soon.

southwestern egg roll recipe




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