Spaghetti Bake Recipe

Another fun cooking with the kids post for today.  Today is S is for Spaghetti. We made an easy spaghetti bake for dinner one night.  I took a few pictures so I could share it with you today.  The kids love helping out in the kitchen and anytime they can sprinkle shredded cheese on something it seems to get them extra excited.  We had a great time together and a wonderful meal after.







Spaghetti Bake Recipe Easy Meal Idea


Spaghetti Bake Recipe

spaghetti bake ingredients


Ingredients/what I used:


angel hair pasta


spaghetti sauce


ground turkey




italan blend shredded cheese


cooking with kids


How to make Spaghetti bake:

I cooked the ground turkey to start.  I had the kids add the sauce to a pan and we mixed in the ground turkey.  I boiled water in a pan and cooked the pasta.  We then mixed the pasta in the sauce pan.  I grabbed a casserole dish and we poured the pasta and sauce into it. The kids got to add their shredded cheese on top.  And last we added a few pepperonis. Then we baked until cheese was melted.


spaghetti bake cooking with kids


Easy dinner idea for the family.  Something the kids can help make. And yummy too.


spaghetti bake cooking with kids


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