Spider Cookies for Halloween

I love to find fun and easy treats to make for my kids during the holidays.  Treats that we can eat at home, take to class parties, or share with family.  With Halloween coming up I was not sure what we would try this year.  We have already tried Candy Bones, Apple Teeth, and Monster Pudding Cups. I ended up deciding on the classic spider cookies made with Oreos.  They are super cute and easy to make with the kids.  Now to try this treat out and see if it is a hit with my kids before we try taking them to school.




spider cookies for Halloween


Spider Cookies for Halloween

Updated post from 2015

spider cookies


Ingredients/what I used:






mini m&ms


black frosting


Great thing about these cookies is you can mix and match what you use to create your spider cookies. Use colored Oreos, use colored frosting, use candy eyes….





How to make spider cookies for Halloween:


We twisted the Oreos apart. On a plate I had already unpeeled the twizzlers and cut up into legs size for the cookies.   We added 4 legs on each side in the cookie.  I added a little black frosting to help seal the cookie back together. I added 2 frosting dots to to the top of the cookies and the kids went behind me and added the m&m eyes.


spider cookies



Now for the best part! The taste test.  The kids give the way they look 2 thumbs up!  However, they all pulled the twizzlers out and left them on their plate, lol. I guess spider legs do not taste good to my kids.


fun spider cookies for halloween



This would be great for us to make for a class or family Halloween party.  These spider cookies are easy to make with easy to find or substitute ingredients.   I think a “build a spider” station at a class party could be fun too.  Have the supplies out and let the kids make them with a little help.  Now to think on what fun Halloween treat we want to try next.


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