Spider-Man Water Bin

In the USA we are getting ready for our big 4th of July celebration coming up this week.  Our country flag is red, white, and blue.  So for the holiday I often set up play activities for the kids with that color scheme.  We often add stars…  This year with growing superhero fans I thought we would mix up the holiday play.  This year we are playing with a red and blue color scheme but adding in some Spider-Man fun!!  Today I am sharing a super simple(which we love) Spider-Man Water Bin.  My 1yr, 3yr, and 5yr LOVED this bin.  I loved the easy setup and almost no clean up.  Keeping them cool and busy on a hot summer day was a plus too.
Spider-Man Water Bin

 Spider-Man Water Bin

Spider-Man Water Bin

What we used:

under the bed storage container “water bin”

plastic cups

black glitter

red food coloring

Spider-Man toy

play spiders


Spider-Man Water Bin

We love the Dollar Tree.  We took a trip there that morning to pick up some gear for a Spider-Man fun week.  We already had the superhero toys but needed a few spiders…  We found these really cool spider-man ring pops.  The boys could not wait to try them out that afternoon.

Spider-Man Water Bin

What we did:

I added warm water to the bin and a little red food coloring.  I then sprinkled in a black glitter for fun.  The kids put the toys in and cups.  Now it was playtime!  The Spider-Man ring pops were a big hit.

Spider-Man Water Bin
Simple setup and great for multiple ages, sibling bonding, teaching kids to share, great for scooping and pouring, imaginations play….etc.  Water play is such a great way to let kids learn and explore on their own. A fun way to explore their sense of touch and sight. I sat beside them and watched them as they played.  They took over and used their own imaginations and problem solving to have a great afternoon.
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